June 6, 2016

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In the event that you are one of the few that have been led to my blog - thanks! I have currently unpublished my posts because I want to take a year to look over the past 9 years of writing and really drill down what it is I want to be, when I grow up. 

PS. This may take a while.

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October 12, 2012

Get Your Facts Straight.... Pants On Fire!

I don't like to mix politics with pillow talk. And I'm not about to start. However, I am an advocate of seeking the truth. 

In my research I've come across PolitiFact, a Pulitzer Prize Winning Website that gives you Facts on the hottest topics. It has a Truth-O-Meter that mixes a bit of humor into measuring Truth, Half True, Mostly True to False, Mostly False or Pants on Fire. {Pants on Fire... so funny!}

Check it out! It hits every party where it matters; are they telling the truth?

Too bad there wasn't one of these in the dating world right? 

Example: Hi, my name is Steve and I am giving (Half True), I love long walks in the park (Pants on Fire) and I'd give my right arm to save a dog (True). 

Well with today's technology... it could be coming.

Here's a Three-Ruling version from Politifact. Best of all, they update dynamically, so they always contain the latest rulings.