March 25, 2013

UnJunk Yourself: The PROCESS

As I have really started this journey of UNjunking, it is a work in progress. Through meditating, this has allowed me to start listening to what my body needs instead of what I think I want. Sometimes the mind can be very tricky. Luckily I grew up with moderate healthy eating habits. 

I won't lie. I've struggled the past few years with the misconception of needing something fast and on the go, i.e. Fast food. Or being too tired to cook. You can insert a strew of excuses here. 

Watch this video posted by David L. Katz on LinkedIn. He says "Please be sure to watch the video, show your kids, and pass it on; let's start a "we're unprocessing ourselves!" movement! Thank you-"

February 27, 2013

Getting Calm Just Got Better ... Calm (dot) com

If you are new to meditation or you are a meditation superstar, you have to see this. I have been using this for the past year to help me meditate. I feel more at peace and connected with the sounds of nature. 

Meditation online programs

Calm (dot) com

They have an entire new facelift with new scenes and sounds and now you can choose 2 minutes, 10 or 20 minutes. I am listening to the sound of rain drops. It's like heaven.

Now go get your calm on with

February 25, 2013

Warning: Carbon Monoxide ... How My Neighbor Saves Our Life

I get a knock at my door. I look and it's almost 8 p.m.; so cautiously I look through the peephole. Who is this? I hesitate because it's dark, I'm a single mom and I have seen too many Dateline and Criminal Mind episodes. 

It appears it's a utility worker. After getting my guard dogs, Bucky and Lucky Brown put away. I quickly open the door. He introduces himself as Jim from Atmos Gas. My neighbor had called him about an odor and as a courtesy he wanted to check out our place. 

Jim has a gadget that reminds me of something from the Ghost Busters, and it's beeping away. He was calm but says, "I'm detecting Carbon Monoxide, were you just cooking?" 

Before my brain had time to register the CARBON MONOXIDE ... I was leading him to the kitchen and he says it was registering higher for Carbon Monoxide, as he's checking a vent that is right above our basement. I am still trying to process this. I must have had a noticeably worried look because my daughter was getting a little upset. I'm now in the "mom on a mission mode" and now we're in the basement where Jim finds the furnace.

[Carbon Monoxide Awareness infographic]

His machine has now increased from a 9 to a 42. Jim advises me in this calm, as a matter of fact tone that he has to turn off my furnace. Now keep in mind we are in the middle of our second blizzard storm in a week! 

I'm STILL trying to process the fact that we have carbon monoxide in our home. I have no idea what 42 means. It doesn't sound good. And Jim is turning off my heat.

I call the emergency maintenance number and the guy comes over, confirms the issue, runs to get us some heavy duty space heaters and says he'll return tomorrow.

Here's what I learn. I've probably have had an issue for the past 3 years I've lived here and while a 42, come to find out isn't the highest; It cannot be a good thing. I've seen the commercials. I've meant to get a detector. But I didn't. 

And I would have never come to find out that this was an issue if my neighbor had not detected a gas smell in her townhome.

I hope that this comes as a wake up call for you as it is for me. As soon as our Blizzard passes, I am going to the local hardware store and picking up my detector. 

[What you need to know about CO Detectors]

Now here is the kicker. And this could be a coincidence but I am not sure. I have had some serious health issues over the past year. Off and on ... many of the symptoms match that of CO poisoning. My doctors could not figure out what was going on with me; spells of dizziness, memory loss, fatigue and headaches that were so bad it effected my job and I had to stop working out for a while. It seemed to fade but I still have some symptoms ...memory being one of them. 

It could be a fluke and it could be the carbon monoxide. Either way, I am very lucky to have a nosey neighbor. Thank you Jamie!

February 6, 2013

Transformation in 9 Minutes a Day

Photo credit: Pinterest
From the Mind of Elizabeth: After watching Dina Proctor's compelling video by My Story Inc., I reached out to her and asked if she would write something to you, my readers. 

If you are Madly Chasing Peace, as I am, this is for you.

By Dina Proctor, Author of Best-Selling Book Madly Chasing Peace

I learned the hard way that life doesn't have to be full of struggle and pain - life's actually meant to be fun, joyful and deeply fulfilling. For me it took hitting rock-bottom to break open into a profoundly different way of living and brand-new perspective on life.

Just over four years ago was my lowest point. I'd spent my 20s in and out of depression, believing that if I could just find it - that perfect man, career, number on the scale - that I would finally be happy. I spent years in and out of therapy, on and off depression medications, switching jobs constantly, buying new cars, moving to new cities and upgrading my boyfriends, in a hopeless effort to fill that deep void inside. My desperation increased as each change I made failed to satisfy the deep wanting within myself. After countless failed attempts, I felt that if life was never going to get any better I just wanted out. Thoughts of suicide and prayers that I wouldn't wake up in the morning became more and more frequent. I also found myself at a point where alcohol had gradually become the only thing that soothed me, and I was caught up in a nasty cycle of heavy addiction. 

Hitting rock bottom, with a date planned for my suicide, was the catalyst that had me reach out for help. I ended up spending a year in an addiction recovery program where a woman I came to deeply respect coached me day by day. The first thing she told me to start doing was to meditate; to sit still for twenty minutes every morning and focus on my breathing. I remember thinking she was crazy - what on earth could sitting still do for me? But she was such a calm, peaceful person, and I wanted that calm for myself. Besides, I felt like I'd tried everything else and that didn't get me anywhere so I committed to giving it a try.

For the first few weeks - because of my horrifically negative thoughts and my body's state of withdrawal and detox - I physically couldn't sit still for twenty minutes. But I figured out that I could sit relatively still for about three minutes. So I sat to meditate for three minutes several times a day to try and make her twenty-minute quota. After a couple of months, I began having experiences of profound bliss, deep centeredness, and freedom from mind chatter during my little three-minute meditations. I knew that slowly but surely I was onto something. 

These three-minute meditations eventually evolved into the practice I now call "3x3 Meditation" (three minutes, three times a day). Over the past four years as my practice has evolved and deepened I've used my 3x3 to release addictive cravings, lose weight effortlessly, lower my cholesterol, transform my relationships, and to discover dreams for my life I didn't even know I had!  I've found that as I relax into the voice of my intuition, following its guidance as I quiet my mind's chatter a few times every day, I'm able to access deep states of peace and wisdom, finding the power and confidence, centeredness and peace, to live my life from an entirely new perspective.

3x3 Meditation is the simplest, most effective method I know of to start on a path of transformation. Though I had to hit rock bottom before I realized all of this, I don't believe it's necessary to hit bottom before you start climbing up. Peace, joy and fulfillment are our most natural state, and is available to anyone and everyone committed to finding it. 

~ Dina Proctor | | 310.937.0099 | creating transformation in 9 minutes a day ~