June 7, 2018

Are Your ((People)) Making You Healthy?

I am looking forward to an uplifting and soul connecting weekend in Colorado with two of my favorite people! -- This quote is a gentle reminder of the impact you can make in a persons life, just appreciating who they are, no matter the differences. And without fail, my best friend and brother make me feel like I can move mountains!!

It inspired me to share this, in today's blog, because health is so much more than just eating healthy and exercising. It's our mental health. And there are so many layers to our mental health.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who build you UP or tear you DOWN?

Also having gratitude in everything, is just another nugget to investing in a healthy lifestyle.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit my best friend, who is like a sister to me. And my brother, who is my best friend.


May 24, 2018

UN-Freaking-listic Expectations of Being (((Skinny)))

Originally written 8/19/2014 - Updated this in red 5/24/18 (Remember this blog is about learning, failing and re-learning)

I want to share this to ALL of my DIETING friends or anybody thinking of dieting. I WILL be writing a more posts, sharing my resources, BUT I had to share this because I'm SICK of companies sucking your Health DRY of proper nutrition and taking your $$$ so they can get RICHER$$

And SPOILER alert ** My weight-loss has NOTHING to do with a diet program, pills or shakes ... NOT even a rigorous workout plan. Truth is I am still working on working out regularly -- my goal is 3x's a week but I am a work in progress! 
((Good stuff happens when we work out, like moving toxins out through our lymphatic system, and building muscle, combating depression--list goes on!))

FIRST, a couple years ago (2012) I KNEW I had to get out of my headspace. All the endless CHATTER, the NEGATIVE comments and the UN-Freaking-listic expectations of being skinny. So? What did I do? I started to MEDITATE. I got quiet. Cleared out the chatter and started to ((ADD)) Positive Mantras and Quotes and start believing I was perfect RIGHT where I was but knowing I WASN'T where I needed to be. ((I still hold on to all of this (2018)! Meditation is still the key for me. When I don't meditate I unravel -- generally leading to stress, and self-sabotage.))

This ONE change set me in the BEST direction because I was being guided intuitively and it has led me on a MISSION to better health and wellness. I'm still on my journey but in 18 months I have said goodbye to 30 pounds. Without ANY dieting, NO pills or shakes and without expensive gym memberships!! ((I still hold on to this in my journey -- I will add that ONE change I've made in 2017-2018 is adding in organic quality sourced supplements, like greens. HERE is one I use every day, this one was recommended through Chris Wark's Square ONE docu-series. I also add in a high dosage of Vitamin D during our months without sun, Vitamin B, Tumeric and Ginger (I get organic sourced dried powders), and I have also invested in other supplements that are good at detoxification --- when you get rid of toxins, your body is removing this from your fat cells, creating weightloss.*Still learning with this topic))

My plan is eating CLEAN ; getting rid of the JUNK, processed food and FOLLOWING my INTUITION which has led me to becoming VEGAN((Update: I still follow many vegan principles I learned but I began adding meat back into my diet in late 2015. I eat as little as possible, and buy organic, hormone free and humanely sourced meats. But I am not Vegan as of 2018 and I feel really healthy. I am incredibly grateful for all the great things I learned from being Vegan during those two years.)) 

Final Thoughts: 
After MANY years of buying into our INSTA-take this little pill to curb your appetite OR the next biggest get skinny scam. I went into full swing with doing it MY way. I am on a MISSION to becoming the BEST version of myself. I'll post some findings through several years of research, experimenting and of course falling on my full-faced cheeks! 


If you are curious WHY you may feel bloated, tired and CAN'T lose weight AND you are eating healthy (NO JUNK - Clean foods - be honest) 

It may have to do with your food combining! This is really an interesting topic the more I have 
been researching this. ((I need to come back to this and compare with what I am eating today. Even healthy foods may not mix well. I am going to find out more!))


May 23, 2018

Elizabeth's (((Top 3))) Healthy Shares in 2018

Posted on LinkedIn January 29th

"One of my FAVORITE times of the year is a NEW Year. I get fired up and excited to make a list of goals both personally and professionally. And reflect on the past year.

One area that I am passionate about is health and wellness because that is something that affects your entire life. It's a WIN-WIN for your friends, family and colleagues when you put yourself and your health first.

Here are my top 3 shares for starting 2018 on the right foot (and left foot too!)

1) The Calm app is my 10 minute gift to myself every day! I have made a commitment to this because it helps me manage any stress AND helps me stay focused!

You can download this app for free or purchase their full-access. I have used this for 7 years and JUST purchased the full-access last week.

2) FoodMatters is a health and wellness blog I have been following for several years. And this year I just signed up for their FMTV - imagine Netflix for inspiring documentaries, expert interviews and recipe videos, all in one place. Check it out here!

3) Yoga with Adriene is the icing on the cake for me! I found her on YouTube a couple years ago. And every month she has a Yoga series. And it's Free! Here is her Channel.

Wishing you healthy and prosperous year!" ~ Elizabeth Goodwin


"What (((ONE))) piece of advice would you give to your younger self?"

When Benjamin Korsi proposed this question on LinkedIn - "What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?" It took me a second to really capture that ONE thing. 

Here it is ... "Elizabeth, Meditate Daily." 

I must tag these people because they have been apart of this! 
Tasha Oldham (for sharing Dina Proctor's Story of Madly Chasing Peace), Kim Colegrove for your incredible depth of knowledge in mindfulness and for Calm and Headspace for keeping meditation simple and achievable! 

Tasha Oldham of My Story Inc.
Dina Proctor, Author of Madly Chasing Peace
Kim Colegrove, Kansas City Meditation and Mindfulness
Calm, Meditation App
Headspace, Meditation App

May 18, 2018

Homemade Deodorant (((Lemongrass)))

Listen, I have always had this earthy side to me, but NEVER in a million years would I have imagined I'd be that person, making my own deodorant. 

I am a 40-something year old marketing professional and I am also a single mom, so running is my middle name, but smelling bad is NOT my game. ((Who wants to smell, really?))

After watching Chris Wark's SQUARE ONE series - this was one more nugget I wanted to add to living a much healthier, toxic-free life. 

And because the "healthy" deodorants I was  using still had this long list of ingredients and honestly weren't really working, I thought I would give this a try. 

And here I am 6 months (maybe longer) and so happy with it. 

And I am so grateful for those leading the way. Here is the blog Chris Wark shared - RECIPE HERE

I have adjusted the recipe, adding in arrowroot powder from a recipe by Dr. Axe

But I am telling you ... this stuff works! And it smells awesome ((if you LOVE lemons as much as I do)).


May 16, 2018

Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry (((Bursting with Flavor)))

Do not shy away from this --- there are a few ingredients. But honestly, I didn't think it took any more time than making my salads and homemade dressings.

This recipe is on the FoodMatters blog -- so you can access it RIGHT HERE

I made this last night and when I tested the dish, as it was cooking, I was not so impressed.

But after I added the fresh cilantro before serving -- Holy SMOKES it was like all these flavors burst in my mouth. So good!!

I made a basmati brown rice but it's much more dense and I think adding either the white basmati rice would be perfect OR you could do Quinoa since quinoa won't compete with these flavors.

Also, I did soak my lentils for 48 hours as it mentions on the recipe. 

I hope you all enjoy this! 

Recipe Credit: Food Matters