January 9, 2015

The only way to "find out if it will work out" ... is to do it!

The only way to "find out if it will work out" ... is to do it!  

This came as a perfect little email delivery on an imperfect day. Don't you just love it when things are serendipitous? 

I will keep today's post short and sweet. But I want to remind all of you reading this, that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. And if it doesn't work out? Well, that's just apart of life. But how will you REALLY KNOW unless you try? 

Everything about my move to Arkansas sounded crazy, literally every part of it. But I felt compelled and drawn that this was the right move for me and my family. I had to push past A LOT of critics (friends) and my own fear of "what if it won't work"? 

But as I pushed on, kept moving forward ... it all started to fall into place. 

I've also learned this little lesson. Sometimes, even though our friends may love us, their advice may be apart  of their own fears - so be careful in getting advice on important life decisions. Take it with a grain of salt and live intuitively. You know when something is right and something is not right. Go on & live YOUR life boldly & fiercely. 

I want to thank all of my friends and family for their love and support!  

All the Best,

January 2, 2015

The Liar ... Me

Here is a layer I have been peeling away for years. Its this thing called perception. A pretty little liar. A distraction. Who I thought I wanted to be. 

I remember me, the young girl at age 15, with a BURNING desire to do something with my life. Move hundreds of miles away from my mom. I wanted more.  I promise you this, it was a force that was much stronger than the words "you can't do it". 

But my desire, that divine intuition, got tangled up with lies. And I started to move in this different direction - a perception. I started to believe the desire to want more with my life, was to be MORE successful, to have MORE. 

MORE was the lie. 

Lies aren't delivered to your door, with a big note that says, Look at me, I'm the lie you just told yourself, the perception you want to believe, a fantasy called the future, the distraction from shiny things,  or the lie on the end of a musical note, being sang in the words "I love you" from the man later asking me, "Will you marry me?"  

No, it's not that easy. I bought into it. I still buy a front row seat now & again.

I've taken the time to realize that at the end of the day - the only person lying to me, is ME.

And as I have been emptying myself, not in the two days I started writing about it, but in the past few years I've started to do my own inner work, I'm seeing THE TRUTH.

My analytical side wonders is there really a difference between this & the story in The Hunger Games? I feel like one of those stupid, made up people from the capitol. Eating it up, drinking it up, thinking I need to be entertained to have fun & enjoy life.

But I've returned the package. The lies. I don't want my money back. I want my LIFE back. Maybe so I can find my life's purpose.

I'm ready for shit to get real.

January 1, 2015

Let the New Year Begin ... Emptying Myself

I came across this quote during my meditation a month back and it immediately struck a cord. Have you ever heard, seen,  or read something that was like being reunited with a long lost friend? This was like being reacquainted to the core of my soul. And I know it is a huge part in my new journey. Here is to the emptiness of everything. 

"The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything." ~Buddha

December 31, 2014

Ba-Bye 2014 ... 2015 Let's REV Our Engines!

March 25, 2013

UnJunk Yourself: The PROCESS

As I have really started this journey of UNjunking, it is a work in progress. Through meditating, this has allowed me to start listening to what my body needs instead of what I think I want. Sometimes the mind can be very tricky. Luckily I grew up with moderate healthy eating habits. 

I won't lie. I've struggled the past few years with the misconception of needing something fast and on the go, i.e. Fast food. Or being too tired to cook. You can insert a strew of excuses here. 

Watch this video posted by David L. Katz on LinkedIn. He says "Please be sure to watch the video, show your kids, and pass it on; let's start a "we're unprocessing ourselves!" movement! Thank you-"