October 23, 2015

NAILED Endocrine Disruptor In Nail Polishes ... Gets Into Women’s Bodies

Hormonal. Weight gain. A list of life THREATENING illnesses ...
"This is just ONE more way we are literally being poisoned.
Recently a Dr shares with me the dangers of WHAT we are cooking with ... Teflon & harmful plastics, ingesting them is even far worse than all the added hormones they put in our meat and dairy!!
Teflon is being sued. It is allegedly being removed from the market - but at what expense?
There is always going to be something in its place ... and maybe even far worse. All for the sake of corporate greed and special interests.
Are we accepting things because we don't want to do something right now, TODAY?
Change is uncomfortable but dying ... well, that seems much more uncomfortable!!
Small things add up. I'm not going to tell my friends and family what to do - but I am slowly removing the things that are killing the people I LOVE."

Here is the FULL REPORT from the Environmental Working Group:

NAILED Endocrine Disruptor In Nail Polishes Gets Into Women’s Bodies

October 5, 2015

Totally, Without a Doubt, FED UP ... A Big FU

Have you seen the movie Fed Up? I am trying to maintain a level of online-writing-professionalism. However, if you were in my tribe of friends - the FU up top would stand for something completely different.

It is truly mind-blowing! You can't undo seeing it. 

I am Fed Up. As a consumer. As a mom. As a human that just wants there to be better FDA regulations and for there not to be so many hidden agendas and special interests ... in the name of our health.

It's not a secret that we are a VERY sick nation. Most of my family and friends who are older than me - are on a laundry list of medications. With a laundry list of side effects. It's a vicious cycle. 

I have always known there has to be a deeper issue here. And you do not have to have a doctorate to know this. 

Let there be better food transparency - like putting the daily recommendations on the food label for sugar, or instead of trying to trick us consumers by continually changing the name of sugar, labeling GMO's!

And if people still want to buy the products that contain all of these things. So be it. 

Just give us a choice. 

Are  you among many of my friends who think they are doing good by eating yogurt? The image below is more than what we should have in a day! 

I'm going to borrow this from Michelle Konstantinovsky - thank you for this! [Source: Here] 

10 Things We Learned From “Fed Up”

We all know obesity is an epidemic and that health issues, from diabetes to heart disease, are skyrocketing. But what if everything we’ve been told about food and exercise is wrong?
That’s the premise behind the new documentary, Fed Up, executive produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David. The film features top food experts like Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Robert Lustig, and Mark Bittman arguing that the food industry’s supposed “solutions” for fighting obesity and disease are not only making the problems worse–they’re creating the problems. The film also dives deep into issues surrounding the government’s involvement in subsidizing and endorsing the sale and marketing of unhealthy products to adults and children.
“To make any sustainable dietary change we have to understand why change is warranted to begin with,” says One Medical Group nutritionist, Karyn Duggan, CNC. “If I could get all of my patients to see Fed Up, then I could spend all my time with them focused on how to bring their health goals to fruition because they’d already have a very clear understanding of why the changes are necessary.”
Here are just 10 of the mind-blowing things we learned from Fed Up.

1. Exercise May Not Be the Best Weight Loss Solution

Between the 1980s (the height of America’s Jane Fonda/aerobics/jazzercise obsession) and 2000, fitness club memberships doubled)–but so did obesity rates. Now experts are questioning whether the age-old “calories in, calories out” philosophy is really accurate. As author Gary Taubes puts it, “We’re not going to exercise our way out of the obesity epidemic.”

2. All Calories Are Not Created Equal

As we learn in the film, 160 calories worth of almonds come with a healthy dose of fiber, which slows digestion and keeps blood sugar levels from spiking. 160 calories worth of soda, however, are absorbed straight into the liver, causing a “sugar rush” and the immediate conversion of sugar to fat. Both options are 160 calories, but they create drastically different reactions within the body.

3. Childhood Cases of Type 2 Diabetes Have Exploded

Type 2 diabetes, once known as “adult onset diabetes” was virtually unheard of in children just a few decades ago. In 1980, there were zero childhood cases of the condition. In 2010, there were 57,636.

4. The 1977 McGovern Report Was a Food Industry Game Changer

When Senator George McGovern recommended Americans consume less sugar and fat-laden products, the egg, sugar, and meat industries were less than thrilled. They banded together and rejected the statements. The recommendations were then rewritten to encourage consumers to buy more lean products as opposed to less of the rich ones. The food industry adapted by reengineering thousands of products to be low-fat.

5. “Fat-Free” Comes at a Cost

When you remove fat from food, you have a big problem: The food tastes horrible. To compensate for the lack of flavor, food manufacturers add plenty of sugar. Some products that are labeled “low-fat” actually contain twice the sugar of the original, full-fat versions.

6. No Matter What It’s Called, It’s Still Sugar

Sugar has tons of other monikers, and the body processes them all the same way. Whether you see “sugar,” “high-fructose corn syrup,” “fructose,” “dextrose,” “turbinado sugar,” “sorbitol,” “raw sugar,” or some other variation on the label–it’s still sugar.

7. Sugar Shows Up in Sneaky Places

The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 6 to 8 teaspoons of sugar per day (1 teaspoon equals 4 grams). Even if you’re not pouring the sweet stuff on your cereal, it shows up in sneaky places like spaghetti sauce and salad dressing (both can contain about 3 teaspoons per serving). A breakfast of orange juice and processed cereal can put you over the daily limit in one meal.

8. Sugar is a Drug

Brain scans indicate that sugar consumption fires up the same areas of the brain that are triggered by cocaine, and according to Dr. Mark Hyman, it’s eight times as addictive as the narcotic.

9. Junk Food Qualifies as Health Food in Schools

French fries and pizza are currently considered “vegetables” in school lunches.

10. You Can Be Thin on the Outside and Carry Dangerous Fat Inside

The long-term damage of processed food consumption isn’t always visible. The acronym “TOFI” stands for “Thin Outside Fat Inside” and refers to individuals who seemingly “get away” with eating whatever they want but are hiding dangerous amounts of fat inside their bodies.
Feeling alarmed or angry? You can do something about it. Learn the truth about sugar and take the Fed Up Challenge by going sugar-free for 10 days.

July 13, 2015

Memoir of Sir Bucky Brown {February 28, 2004 - June 29, 2015}

This little fur-friend came to me, out of the blue, one memorial weekend while I was working at The Village at LionsGate Apartments. His breeders needed someone to watch him. Me having the word "Sucker" written on my forehead, said okay. 

Bucky was the runt - nobody had wanted him. He was only 3 months old. The ugliest thing I thought I'd ever seen. And no matter how much I told myself I was returning him that following week, he stole my heart and I've never looked back. 

He grew up to become a rowdy guy. Barking at everything. Carrying branches three times his body - I like to think he was saying "Look mom, look what I can do." 

He was always with me. Every day, every night. I was his person. And he was my best friend. I've never known a love like this. It's different than the love we have for people because we are their voice, we have to connect with them intuitively. There's so much that's said without any words. 

Which is why I made it my mission to be the best owner I could be to him. I would like to believe Bucky had an amazing life. He sure filled my heart with so much joy.

That same day Bucky was put down, I took Lucky out back and there was this yellow butterfly just flying all over the yard. I thought of him.

And the following morning, this yellow butterfly flying all over. I thought maybe that's him, saying to me again ... "Look mom, look what I can do!" Just like he did as a puppy.

I keep seeing this butterfly and while this may be a simple coincidence. It brings me peace knowing my Sir Bucky Brown can do anything - maybe even fly. 

To my Bucky Von Schnauzer! Love you!!


Let's Take this Discussion to the Bedroom ... Under the Sheets!

Recently I reached out to a friend to see how she was doing and she informs me she was in the middle of mayhem (not her exact words). I would like to think it was more like a zombie invasion. I am equally terrified of either of these attacks.

She had to get rid of most of her furniture and is staying with family because of an infestation.


One of her family members had innocently brought home some items from a garage sale.

PULL the sheets OVER your HEAD~~ Tell me this isn't so ...

Do you like to go garage sale-ing? Or partake in a little Craigslist? Thrift store or consignment store shopping? 

Well so do I !!!

I immediately went into FREAK out mode! 

Why? Because I love to be thrifty. In fact, many of the items I purchase are from consignment and thrift stores.

This news is hard to hear because I am an environmentalist at heart. 

Reduce ~Reuse ~Recycle ~

Well, after I took in a few deep breaths - did a mediation (or two), I went into researching this topic. 

In my search for ways to avoid bed bugs, I quickly learned that it's a scary place out there in the recycle - reuseable world. 

But there's hope for someone like me that wants her cake and to eat it too, ALONE, without any blood-sucking critters.

I'll let you read some of what I uncovered. Click on highlighted links below.

Traveler Q&A: Preventing Bed Bugs from Hitchhiking to Your Home

10 Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

I also read somewhere that you can heat items by simply placing them in a plastic bag and setting it outside in the summer to kill anything. I think that could be said for just about any annoying critter

But of course my mind didn't stop there ... my phobia of bugs and obsessive compulsive went here: 

What about movie theaters? Hotels? AirBNB's? Have you thought about your kiddo staying at their B.F.F's house and bring home some uninvited guests? What happens if you invite your friends over for a get together and they are innocently bringing hitchhikers?

Something to think about. 


July 5, 2015

Hello Number 7 ... I Still Dislike You, A Lot!

Look at that face! That's me all excited on my first date with, we'll call him 'Guy'. I'd crossed over to the online dating. After being single the past 5 years, I threw caution to the wind and said, "Fine, lets do this thing."

Actually the truth is, I was ready to meet someone. 

I'd worked out all the inner kinks and knew I could trust my judgement. 

Along came 'Guy'. We immediately seemed to hit it off. Which was really surprising to me, because frankly I couldn't seem to get past a conversation these days with guys without wanting to punch myself in the face.

This 'Guy' seemed real and we had a great connection. 

I'm going to spare you all the details just for a second, because this has more to do with my Frenemie, Number 7. We'll get back to 'Guy' though, don't you fret.

If you are unfamiliar with my archnemesis - I became acquainted with it back in November 2012. The storyline was similar, yet different, but in the end it was me face-to-face with "The Rules No. 7"

Rule number 7 in dating ... If he doesn't call you, he isn't interested. Period.  {Here's the dish on my first time with No. 7 ... Click Here}

Sometimes we dress up number 7 to look like something different. But it doesn't change anything. 

Okay here's the 411 with The 'Guy' ... 

Elizabeth meets Guy. To my surprise, I click with Guy and went on many wonderful dates. After months of dating - there was this underlying question, was he genuinely interested? 

I asked. He answered. We decide to be exclusive and all is merry in the land of online dating. 

{Or was it?}

At the end of the day I felt like I was initiating most of the contact with this man. I ignored it because he was kind, funny, really seemed present when we were together. It was a great dating experience. I really liked Guy - a lot. 

But the lesson here is, you cannot ignore what is IMPORTANT to you in a relationship. Even if it means ending what seems great. 

I became so focused on WHY he wasn't initiating and calling me, that I ignored something. He just WASN'T and as "Rule No. 7" says, If he doesn't call ... 

You get it. And trust me, I get it ... NOW! And crazily enough, I see a friendship on the horizon with The Rules number 7. 

Here's a bonus lesson. I was watching this movie and this really triggered something. 

This guy says this directly to the woman; we don't always get this luxury but I still think it's valuable stuff.

This young man says to his girlfriend, "You are missing something really big here. In all the time we spent together, did I ever once say I love you? I didn't because it wasn't true. You were a girlfriend and I liked you. I enjoyed being with you but I never loved you." {Burn!}

Even if a man tells you he loves you, or just because a guy likes you, really doesn't mean a thing. Actions speak louder than words. Trust your instincts. Like yourself. LOVE yourself. And if meeting the one for you is the MOST important thing in your life, then put yourself out there. 

Just be cautious with keeping your feelings in check, listening to your intuition .. and occasionally cross reference everything in check and balance sort of way. 

When things didn't add up for me, I addressed it and got my answers. He wasn't sure if I was the one for him. {Double Burn!!} 

And that was okay because he wasn't the one for me either. And it was nice to have confirmation. Ending a relationship of any kind or length doesn't have to be dramatic or the other person's fault either. Sometimes it just isn't. It doesn't always have to make sense ... that person can be wonderfully NOT the one for you. 


P.S. I'm still not sure if I want to buy what everyone is selling when it comes to finding love. But I do know this. I will not settle. I know what I want. For me, it isn't the MOST important thing in my life to meet 'The One'. I tested it. It was nice. It gave me this story to share with you. C'est la vie

P.P.S. This is completely ridiculous! - Here's 40 Dating Tips I Gathered After Reading Ellen Fein's The Rules ... I especially LOVE the list one of the commentators wrote!  

March 18, 2015

Team Cinderella or Team Belle? ... Princess Rap Battle

This absolutely MADE MY DAY!!  This is a no-brainer for me. I am TEAM BELLE!